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Travelling is stressful whether for business or pleasure. There is the rush getting ready to go, packing, the effects of pressure on the body whilst flying, possibly time zones changes and so on.

In our modern world we take travel for granted and often don’t think about the stress associated with it and how it affects our bodies.


To support ourselves while travelling to stay healthy so we can enjoy our holiday or business plans makes perfect sense. A little preventative effort goes a long way.

Firstly, when flying or travelling by train, bus or any public transportation, use antibacterial wipes to clean all the surfaces you will touch like the TV screen, remote, seat belt, tray, hand rest. Use a wipe to clean hands after going to the loo each time or getting up and touching surfaces.

This may sound rather OCD but planes, trains and buses are cleaned very briefly between schedules and if the person sitting in your seat was sick, they definitely left behind their germs which can live 24-48 hours on surfaces.

Use hand wipes or antibacterial gel again every time going to the toilets. Be careful not to rub your eyes. Saline eye drops to keep eyes lubricated are very important as well.

It’s a great idea to take 1000mg non-acidic vitamin C two or three times per day for prevention or at least five times per day when ill or flying. If this causes diarrhoea decrease the dosage. This helps support the adrenal glands and immune system to cope with stress and fend off potential illness. Flying for everyone is stressful for the body and immune system,

Also helpful are kyolic garlic, 50 mg zinc, Vitamin B3 and elderberry tablets twice a day with meals.

Elderberry tablets take two twice a day for prevention up to eight per day for treatment. They can be sucked if you start getting a sore throat.

Three to five drops of wild oregano oil in water twice a day is very useful in the treatment of colds and flu or if fighting to keep them away by supporting the immune system. Stir and drink immediately, chase with a drink, as it can cause a brief burning sensation on the lips for sensitive people. It’s also fabulous for fungal infections internally or externally, is helpful for rheumatic pain, aids digestion, and gastrointestinal health.

In Sydney, Australia these items can be purchased at your local health food store, such as Mr Vitamin’s in Chatswood or online at

Australian Bush Flowers have a lovely blend of essences called Travel that can be taken internally as drops or as a spray. It hopes the body to cope with the stress of travelling as well as adapting to changing time zones. Please contact me for more information.

Furthermore, it’s very important to drink a lot of water, at least one glass per hour. Do not drink from the tap on the plane if possible, request bottled.

It’s quite essential to drink either room temperature or hot drinks. Don’t consume any cold drinks no matter how hot the weather is. In Chinese medicine, cold drinks cause sore throats and are very hard on digestion.

It’s quite helpful to avoid sugar, alcohol and limit caffeine intake. These items all have a severe effect on one’s metabolism and immune system which are already being challenged by the travelling process.

Extremely helpful is an Australian product called FESS Frequent Flyer nasal spray. Use it a few times a day as needed or every two hours when flying, starting 2 hours prior to take off. Fess is a saline nasal spray with tea tree and vitamin E which keeps the nasal passages lubricated and coated so that bacteria don’t permeate.

If Fess is not available or living outside Australia use a saline spray, add a few drops of tea tree or eucalyptus aromatherapy and a few drops of Vitamin E, Olive oil or coconut oil.

It can be helpful to gargle with sea salt and a few drops of tea tree or betadine gargle at least three times per day. If a sore throat develops this is very helpful.

It’s really important to sleep as much as possible, use a melatonin sleeping tablet or night cold medicine if needed. Sleep supports the immune system and allows the body to recharge and supports the adrenal glands to fight against all the stressors challenging it.

It’s very supportive for the body to drink yellow lattes which are turmeric milk using freshly grated or powdered turmeric and ginger, a pinch of cayenne and favourite tea boiled 5min. it can also be made with milk or milk substitutes like almond, rice coconut

While travelling its important, keep very warm, especially your neck and back, from all wind even if you’re in hot weather. It can be useful to wear a scarf.

Once arriving at your destination keep warm. Use the sauna if available.

A naturopathic trick to fight off the flu or colds from Canadian Naturopath Lara Briden is a DIY sauna. Start by having a hot bath, as hot as possible, and stay soaking for 15-30 minutes. Next wrap yourself naked in a barely damp, not wet, sheet and pile blankets on. Stay snuggled up for at least two hours.

An alternative DIY sauna is to soak just your feet in hot water. Next put on a pair of damp socks and then two pairs of thick warm socks before bed. Your socks will be dry by morning

It’s also important to wash hands well with soap and hot water often especially while flying, at work or when shopping.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or have tips of your own that are helpful. I’d love to hear any of your ideas too.

Once last travel tip: never leave home without activated charcoal tablets available at most pharmacies. These will assist with food poisoning, food intolerances i.e. if your gluten free and accidentally are fed gluten, or stomach flu both at home or while away. A must have in anyone’s first aid kit.

Take 4 capsules 4 times a day while ill for at least 24 hours then taper off after feeling 100% well. Take at different times from food and supplements as they absorb toxins as well as the good things in your tummy.

Wishing you safe and healthy travels.


* Flying guidelines were developed from the advice of Qantas Pilot Nicole Hannan who was one of the only professional female pilots in Australia. She was also Australian champion formation skydiver and very good friend who has sadly passed away in a skydiving training accident.

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