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October 12, 2015 Aunty Ally 7 comments

By Aunty Ally – 08 November 2015

One of the things I admire the most about Thermomix™, by the German company Vorwerk™, is the strong customer service policy. Being Canadian I take customer service quite seriously and really enjoy and admire that aspect of being involved with the Thermomix™ Community.

Service is an ingrained part of the company at every level where consultants support their customer’s needs, group leaders support the consultants, branch managers support the group leaders and so on.

I have been very impressed by the sales and service call centre based in Balcatta, WA. The two-year warranty and the speed in which repairs are made and turned around is reliable and efficient.

Unlike purchasing an appliance at a department store and being sent home to set it up alone, the Thermomix™ is delivered by a consultant who will support the customer throughout their journey and look after their questions, orders and learning journey.

First, they will unpack and setup the Thermomix™ together. The consultant will go through the safety features and basic functions which are all laid out in the first 30 pages of the Basic Cookbook™ which is included. In addition, they will make a vegetable stock paste so the customer learns how to use the Thermomix™ with the consultant to take them through step by step.


IMG_8083   IMG_4842

Next, they will discuss the many included accessories and how to use them such as the rice basket, butterfly whisk, and Varoma™ steamer. Varoma™ is a word created by Thermomix™ combining vapour and aroma. Nice.

The customer will be taught how to take apart, clean and care for their Thermomix™. All parts except the white base are dishwasher safe. The blades are made from the highest quality Solingen steel which was used to make swords in medieval times. The bowl is made from the finest stainless steel and the rest is from the highest quality European food safe BPA free materials. It has a maintenance free magnetic motor. 

The customer is also directed to their consultants Thermomix™ Facebook page, the Recipe Community™ and monthly newsletters from Thermomix™ and their consultant advising them of new recipes, upcoming cooking classes and special events.

Recently Thermomix™ released the brand new and very popular Fiesta Flavours™ cookbook, designed and released for Christmas in Australia and New Zealand, just in time for the festive season.


Host rewards for holding a demo until 9 December 2015 is the opportunity to get the much sought after European made toolkit, made of Solingen steel and unofficially valued by chefs at around $300. It is highly sought after by customers, chefs and consultants and is not for sale. Other rewards include a Thermoserver™ and Thermomat™.

Just host a 2-hour lunch or dinner demo and you can get yours! This is a new limited offer and all just for hosting a free 5 course lunch or dinner demo with at least 2 but no more than 7 other family or friends. Your consultant provides most of the ingredients and prepares everything. A fun, easy way to have a social lunch or dinner. No obligation is required. A fun, festive evening chatting and celebrating with friends and family. 



Vorwerk™ has been producing quality appliances since 1883 is in over 60 countries around the world. It is produced in factories in France with German engineered parts. Over 4 million happy customers and over 30,000 Independent Thermomix™ consultant worldwide are enjoying the Thermomix Journey.

Thermomix™ just came to Australia relatively recently in 2001 and in New Zealand in 2009 so there is still a huge opportunity for expansion and for many more successful consultant and leadership positions. There are over 3000 Independent Thermomix™ Consultants in Australia today. 

In addition, Thermomix™ in Australia proudly works with local children’s charities including the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute supporting research into children’s health to ensure that future generations of children are healthy. Thermomix™ Australia donate $1 million. 

In addition, Thermomix™ supports the Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Manly based Bear Cottage They provide palliative and end of life care to children with life limiting illnesses. They strive to create an environment as homey and un-hospital like as possible with just 10 children’s rooms. Sydney Northern Beaches donated $10,000.

Call, email or text and start your Thermomix Journey today 🙂

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