So What’s a Thermomix Anyways?

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The Thermomix is the most advanced cooking appliance on the market today. It replaces over 12 cooking appliances: it chops, beats, blends, grinds, mills, mixes, heats, juices, stirs, steams, sautés and much more.

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It is great both for people who love to cook and people who don’t. It’s perfect for those who don’t have the time to cook or those who would like to cook but lack ideas or confidence. Convert your favourite recipes using the manual cooking function. Chefs also love the Thermomix.

It also easily pays for itself with the money saved by making home made items like yoghurt, spreads, dips and cutting down on takeaway. The average family saves between $25-50 on groceries alone and dramatically cut down on takeaway costs.

For example, pizza takes just half an hour to make from scratch.

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Also its easy and convenient to learn new recipes using the guided recipes. These deliver precision cooking, with step by step recipes, on the advanced cooking chip technology.

All five of the latest cookbooks have a corresponding chip which fits into the new TM5 machine and makes cooking easy with perfect results every time. Its cooking by numbers, with step by step guidance.

There is also the automated cooking function where you just simply add all the ingredients and it cooks for you including: rice, custard and yoghurt.

For the yoghurt just throw all the ingredients in before bed and 8 hours later when you wake up its yoghurt. Alternative yoghurt substitutes such as coconut yoghurt can be made as well as dairy. How good is that!

The Thermomix Kiosk has is a full range of information on the Thermomix as well as testimonials from owners, consultants and professionals

Chefs love the Thermomix, George Columbaris is a proud Thermomix representative. He is highlighted on May of this year’s Thermomix calendar featuring his favourite recipe: panna cotta with rhubarb topping. Check out his profile on the Thermomix kiosk.

Watch George make his  Classic Galaktoboureko with liquorice ice cream here.  The recipe is on the  Recipe Community.

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Have a look at the thousands of recipes on the Recipe Community. Unlike the cookbooks these are not guaranteed recipes but there are lots of great ideas and inspiration to choose from. There is a featured recipe everyday so anyone can upload their favourite recipe converted to be cooked in the Thermomix and it could be featured one day too.

For more information, check out my Facebook Thermomix adventures on:

AuntyAlly TravelGourmand.

The way to buy a Thermomix is from an official Thermomix Consultant who provides training, support and ongoing customer service. The Thermomix is only sold through direct sales from a Thermomix consultant often by attending a demonstration.

The Thermomix demo involves a host inviting 3-7 friends over for a lunch or dinner. The Thermomix consultant then prepares and serves a free five course meal, chatting and showing how the Thermomix can best meet the needs of the guests. The host is then eligible for host gifts such as the Thermoserver or Thermomat.

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Alternatively, you can earn your Thermomix by becoming a Thermomix consultant. Just sell six Thermomixes within your 60-day training period. It’s a great new career if your passionate about your Thermomix, love to cook and enjoy meeting people.

Owning a Thermomix and becoming a consultant has given me the confidence, recipes and inspiration to bake many amazing creation including: muffins, cupcakes and pavlova from scratch as well as my Swiss French mother-in-law’s tiramisu for my husband’s birthday.

I have also made and adapted from the Basic Cookbook a gluten, dairy, sugar, yeast free bread recipe. As well I’ve made a fabulous gluten free gingerbread cake from Skinnymixers and Chantelle’s orange, carrot cake from the Recipe Community.

An added bonus is that my husband has cooked dinner five times in the last few weeks; that’s five times in twenty years, it’s worth it just for that. It’s a gadget and so for him it’s like a new toy. However, it’s also very user friendly and simple to use.

For more information on getting a Thermomix, hosting a demo or becoming a consultant please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon 😉

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