Hubby’s Top 12 Quick Thermy Recipes

March 29, 2016 Aunty Ally 7 comments

When Hubby saw the Thermomix in action for the first time he was enthralled. He said, “I’m going to learn a recipe a week starting with chocolate custard.” And true to his word he has.

Had I known that after nearly 20 years of marriage this would make him keen to start cooking I would have bought one years ago. That alone makes the Thermy priceless!


To start with Hubby began using the automated cooking for the custard. Next he ventured into the guided recipe feature of the TM5 where he’s cooking by numbers off the chip. Overtime time he’s also ventured into manual cooking as he loves the Fast and Easy Indian and Taste of Asia cookbooks.

The most important things to Hubby are that his meals taste great and can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Like most people these days, Hubby works late, is socially active and “time poor.”

He uses meat ordered online from Ben and his team at They use Shiralee butchers who have a large range of organic and grass fed meats. Animals that are raised organic or grass fed do not have hormones added and do not cause inflammation in contrast to grain fed ones, according to Naturopath Lara Briden of Sensitive Alternative.

Following are some of Hubby favourite recipes he can now confidently whip up in a flash. All are gluten, dairy and sugar free.

  • Chocolate Coconut Cream Custard with Stevia – automated function – three to four portions, thick and creamy.
  • Thai Chilli Chicken and Basil – Basic Cookbook pg 166, made with either chicken or lamb.
  • Beef Stroganoff – Basic Cookbook pg 151, made with lamb
  • Butter Chicken – Basic Cookbook pg 164 without the Butter or the Chicken 😉 Using Coconut Oil and Lamb.
  • Chicken Korma – Fast & Easy Indian with Lamb pg 116/117. Hubby said he loved the result but didn’t enjoy making this one. He found the book tedious to follow and there were a lot of ingredients.
  • Lamb Rendang – Basic Cookbook pg 144
  • Chicken Soup with Wine – Taste of Asia pg 56
  • Chicken & Green Pea Risotto – Basic Cookbook pg
  • Pumpkin Soup – Basic Cookbook pg106
  • Hungarian Goulash with Lamb – Basic Cookbook pg 140
  • Mongolian Lamb Hotpot – Basic Cookbook pg 152 He skipped the marinading so it only took 30 minutes.
  • Rogan Josh – Red Meat Stew with Lamb – Indian Cookbook pg 98. This one takes over an hour.


“They are all saucy things,” says Hubby. “That’s why I love the Thermomix. Making sauces and stirring is so easy. It’s idiot proof, you just let them cook. They can also sit for a while if we’re busy after its ready and it’s still a nice curry.”


Hubby Chocolate Coconut Cream Custard Recipe

Thoroughly tried and tested by a Swiss Engineer 😉

  • 500 grams of organic coconut cream
  • 50 grams of corn starch
  • 25 grams of raw cacao
  • 2 squirts of chocolate stevia* or 60 grams of organic raw sugar

*Organic Chocolate Stevia can be purchased from


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