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Happy December!

Hope your enjoying the end of year festivities.

Looking for the perfect gift? Great news order by 11 December for guaranteed delivery of a Thermomix for Christmas.

Order by phone, host a demonstration with a few friends or have a short one on one demo.

Also the amazing popular host toolkit gift offer, valued at $300, was extended to 11 December. Just host a demo and to be eligible. Other great host gifts like the Thermoserver are offered at other times.

Book a demo right up until 20 December or reserve now for the New Year.

Take advantage of the new 24 month-interest-free financing available until 11 January 2016. For about $20 / week or $3 a day, less than a cup of coffee, you can have a Thermomix in your kitchen.

Check out the Paleo Gingerbread Cake, Gluten Free Spice Carrot and Orange Cake and Espresso Martini Recipes in this newsletter.

Thanks for sharing the Thermomix Adventure

Wishing you a Fabulous, Fun, Festive Season  
and a Happy, Healthy New Year 😉

The Thermomix is the most advanced cooking appliance on the market today. It replaces over 12 cooking appliances: it chops, beats, blends, grinds, mills, mixes, heats, juices, stirs, steams, sautés and much more.

Independent reviewer Choice awarded it the #1 cooking appliance of the year for 2015.

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Order by 11 December, your Thermomix is guaranteed to arrive for Christmas.

What better gift to give for a Happy, Healthy New Years and fresh start to 2016.

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The host gift until 11 December is the amazing Thermomix toolkit, valued at $300. It makes a great gift with cooking scissors, a peeler, ice cream scoop and three knives in a handy travel case. It is only available as a host reward.

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Upcoming December demos at my place, in the Era building at 7 Railway in Chatswood are at: 12 noon Wednesday 16 December, and Saturdays 12 and 19 December. Call to reserve your spot as space is limited or inquire for times that fit into your schedule.

Call to book your very own Thermomix demonstration by hosting a free, no obligation, lunch or dinner in the comfort of your own home. Demos are fun with friends, eating, chatting and checking out the Thermomix.

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Also the new 24 month-interest-free financing available until 11 January 2015 works out to about $20 /week or just $3 a day, that’s less than a coffee. You can see how this makes the Thermomix affordable for everyone.

It also easily pays for itself with the money saved making home made items like yoghurt, spreads, dips and cutting down on takeaway.

The average family saves at least $25 per week on groceries and dramatically cut down on takeaway costs. As I am on a gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, yeast free and low FODMAP diet, I save over $100 per week.

The Thermomix is great both for people who love to cook and people who don’t. It’s perfect for those who don’t have time to cook or who would like to cook but lack ideas or confidence.

For example, pizza takes just half an hour to make.

There is also the automated cooking function where you just add all the ingredients and it cooks for you including: rice, custard and yogurt.

Chefs also love the Thermomix, George Columbaris of Masterchef is a proud Thermomix representative. He is highlighted on May of this year’s Thermomix calendar featuring his favourite recipe: panna cotta with rhubarb topping. Check out his profile on the Thermomix kiosk

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Watch George make his Classic Galaktoboureko with Liquorice Ice Cream on the  Recipe Community

Festive 7

I am really enjoying learning to use my Thermomix and to cook in ways I wouldn’t normally. I am a confident cook but prior to owning the Thermomix I rarely baked.

Owning a Thermomix and becoming a consultant has provided the confidence and inspiration to find and bake fabulous recipes like:

  • Skinnymixers gluten free Paleo Gingerbread Cake. Click here for the recipe.
  • Chantel’s gluten free, Spice, Carrot and Orange Cake. Click here for the recipe from the Recipe from Community
  • Mixed Berry Pavlova from the new Festive Flavour cookbook, page 44.
  • Tiramisu adapted from my Swiss French mother-in-law’s recipe for the Thermomix

Festive 8The Espresso Martini:
Festive Flavour cookbook, page 113, a hit at my husband’s birthday party with Tiramisu:
150g vodka
120g Kahlua
120g brewed espresso coffee cooled
300g ice

Place all into mixing bowl for 20 sec/reverse/speed 4.
Strain through sieve and serve into 4 cocktail glasses.




Please contact me to buy a Thermomix for Christmas entertainingto host or attend a free demo or for more information on how to become a Thermomix consultant.
Check out my Facebook adventures:

AuntyAlly TravelCook: click here
Phone or text: 0420 902 208
For Thermomix

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Wishing you a Fabulous, Fun, Festive Season  
and a Happy, Healthy New Year and 2016 😉


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