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In May 2011, nearly five years ago, my life changed forever. Coming home from the Sydney Writer’s Festival a car pulled an illegal u-turn on the Gore Hill Freeway causing a pileup and fled the scene. This was a tragic end to a fabulous day with some of my favourite authors.

I received many injuries including a concussion, whiplash, dislocated jaw, damage to my diaphragm from the seatbelt and spine in several places and a right perilymph fistula or small hole in my right.

The ear damage caused me to feel dizzy, disoriented and to lose my balance, particularly in busy, noisy places like shopping malls, subways or the airport. It also prevented me from bending down to pick things up or exerting myself physically as one does for exercise, house cleaning or gardening.

Healing has been a challenging, painful and tedious process. It has taken a lot of time, energy and grit these last five years. Rehabilitation will be an ongoing process and living with chronic pain is and will always be a part of daily life to some extent. I now have spinal degeneration, pinched nerves and painful arthritis in many places.

It has been a slow and humbling process. I had to learn to read, write and drive again. For a teacher and professional writer this was challenging indeed.

I developed crippling daily migraines, PTSD, anxiety and depression. Going from being an independent woman who travelled the world alone, living and working in different countries, to one who was literally afraid to leave the house, was very distressing and difficult to accept.

It certainly was an interesting way to find out who my true friends and family really are. Not what I expected in many cases, downright heart wrenching at times but always good to know the truth. Some people’s ongoing generosity was so touching it inspired me to keep going during the difficult times. My hubby Gilles was an absolute rock and an angel during this time.

After several falls, I had a balance assessment at Lady Davidson Hospital’s rehabilitation outpatient program. They strongly advised that I use a cane to steady myself. The slowly helped me feel more confident and to gradually start going out alone. Others saw that cane as a sign of weakness but I saw it as a form of liberation and freedom.


In the end I saw a total of five ear surgeons or specialists, the first four just advised balance exercises. One diagnosed psychological dizziness in line with a book he wrote. It was challenging to not get discouraged and to keep searching for solutions.

Finally, after running a long series of tests, Dr Pohl recommended surgery at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. On 09 February 2016 I had ear surgery.

After the operation, despite the pain, my balance was immediately better. The day after surgery, I did the advanced form of the yoga tree pose for the first time in nearly five years. Gilles couldn’t stop smiling he was so happy for me.

I began to walk around more confidently and was able to leave my cane at home.

I came to realize just how much being off balance physically affected my confidence, emotional state and self-esteem. By being dizzy and disoriented I was left feeling fragile, vulnerable and unsafe in the world.

Last year, I decided to buy a Thermomix as part of my rehabilitation. It helped me to make healthy meals easily and fast. Often I’d been unable to cook as I was often in extreme pain and severely exhausted.

As my husband didn’t cook we were living off of takeaway more often than not. This contributed to us putting on a fair bit of weight which did not support our health or confidence.

When my friend Katy delivered my Thermomix she said,” Why don’t you sign up to sell the Thermomix, its free this month for the business kit and you get a free travel case.” I thought to myself, “What a great idea. I’d definitely like a free travel case, and that was that.”

Though I am not the type that likes direct sales or home parties, I found myself surprisingly enjoying the training and first home demonstrations. Delivering a Thermomix still feels like Christmas every time. Some of my customers even call me Mrs Claus. So fun.

Working as a Thermomix consultant has really helped boost my confidence in many ways, as I have learned so many new skills and am getting more comfortable speaking in public again.

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I have to drive all over Sydney and surrounding areas, at all times of the day, in many different conditions, to do demos and deliver Thermomixes. As a result, my anxiety around driving has decreased markedly. I’m feeling empowered having a career I love where I support others to eat healthy food and enjoy cooking.

I never would have guessed something like a Thermomix would have such a positive impact on my life. It has been very challenging in many ways and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. The administration tasks and software are particularly difficult but slowly I’m learning.

Having a career where I feel like I’m contributing something valuable is very satisfying. Someone asked me the other day if it was worth it. I had to pause and think about it. It certainly can be stressful. The Thermomix culture has been challenging to navigate at times.

However overall I would have to say an emphatic yes, it is worth it. I am learning new skills, being challenged in many areas to grow and earning money. In addition, Im doing something I enjoy and feel passionate about: empowering people to eat healthy, nutritious food, quickly and easily.

Until 31 March 2016 the business kit is only $90 on special for half price. This includes the Thermomix carry case which is normally $120 just for the case alone.

What I love the most about being a Thermomix consultant is the flexibility to work when its most convenient. If I am not well, I can rest that day. I can schedule around spending time with my husband and my nutrition and food coaching classes which I have finally been able to start back at again.

Many of the friends I’ve met enjoy that same freedom: making money and having a career around their family and children’s schedule. Other’s enjoy doing something different after their regular job, that is fun and they feel passionate about.

Who knows you might be as surprised as I was and actually enjoy a change and a fresh new start with Thermomix.

Why not join the Thermomix team?

Would you like to share your passion for cooking?

Would you like to learn new cooking and business skills?

Now is the perfect time to start your Thermomix business with our free business offer!

If someone said to me a year ago that I would be a Thermomix consultant and loving it, I wouldn’t have believed them. I’m gaining new skills, making new friends, am part of a great team & have a thriving business. More than that, I feel like I’m making an impact in peoples lives!

If you’re interested in finding our more about becoming a Thermomix consultant, please contact me at or 0420 902 208. There are monthly, no obligation, business information meetings, where questions are answered.






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