Australian Bush Flowers Featuring Bush Fucshsia

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By Aunty Ally –  21 October 2015

On the October long weekend 2015 I joined the amazing Ian White who created the Australian Bush Flowers for his Level Three Australian Bush Flower Workshop.

P1120643There were people from around the world who flew in just to learn and experience this amazing workshop and learn to see the bush flowers in their native environment. I met and got to know lovely likeminded people from Latvia, Japan, France, Switzerland as well as from all over Australia.

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It was a truly powerful, intimate and transformative experiential workshop. Ian’s direction was very energetic, informative, interactive and respectful. His support staff were so friendly, warm and attentive to everyone’s needs.


This weekend we saw so many flowers in in the height of their spring bloom. It was a very hot weekend with highs up to 38 degrees in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We started each day with exercises, mediation and discussion at the Kamaroi Rudolph Steiner school in Belrose.

P1120372   P1120572

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Our first bushwalk was near Manly Dam. We walked about an hour into the bush viewing and photographing many gorgeous flowers. Then under Ian and his lovely staff’s guidance and direction we began the sacred process of making a bush flower essence.


This weekend we made the Bush Fuchsia essence which is great for developing intuition, clarity of speech and the integration of information. It really helps with the throat chakra and aids in giving confidence in communication.

Interestingly, as the Doctrine of Signatures suggests, the bush fuchsia is shaped like a trumpet and is often found in clusters reminding one of singers in a choir.


The Doctrine of Signatures, according to Wikipedia, was originally outlined by Parcelsus in the late 15th century. Parcelsus wrote, “Nature marks each growth … according to its curative benefit.”

The writings of Jacob Bohme from the late 16th century spread the doctrine of signatures. He suggested that God marked objects with a “signature”, for their purpose. Basically this meant that the plants colour shape etc. reflects the purpose of their cure. The “signature” could sometimes also be identified in the environments in which plants grew.

Böhme’s 1621 book, The Signature of All Things, gave its name to the doctrine. A good example was provided by Coles’s The Art of Simpling and Adam in Eden, which stated that walnuts were good for curing head ailments because in his opinion, “they have the perfect Signatures of the Head.”

Our second walk, the next day, was in 38 degrees Celsius weather, up to a lookout with a fabulous view. We enjoyed our lunch at the top and flower viewing and photographing both ways.

For more information on the extensive, beautiful range Australian Bush Flowers products, which have such a beautiful energetic vibration, please contact me or Australian Bush Flowers.

We can have a consultation, in person, by phone, or Skype to discuss how they can support and accelerate your healing, learning and evolving journey to manifesting your highest self and fulfill your life’s purpose whilst living a joyful, passionate, adventurous life.


I look forward to working together soon to facilitate movement towards achieving the best emotional, physical, mental and spiritual life and health possible whilst overcoming unique challenges 😉 


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